Spa Corps Sublime : Nos 3 produits pour le corps

Spa Corps Sublime: Our 3 body products

Our three products provide firm, hydrated and soft skin. Discover the Body Exfoliant , the L' ON CTUEUSE cream and the La SUBLIME oil , each offering a unique sensory experience and soft, hydrated skin.

1.The Body Exfoliant - Triple Action for Purified Skin:

The Body Exfoliant offers a triple action to cleanse, purify and regenerate your skin. Dead cells are removed, leaving your skin perfectly cleansed, soft and smooth after rinsing. Incorporate this exfoliant into your weekly routine for glowing, revitalized skin.

  1. The Creamy – Softness and Hydration:

L' ONCTUEUSE , Body Cream, softens and moisturizes your skin, offering an unrivaled feeling of comfort. Upon application, your skin is nourished and hydrated.


  1. La Sublime - Exceptional Moisturizing Oil:

SUBLIME is enriched with active ingredients of plant and marine origin. It leaves your skin soft, silky and satiny, but it also gives shine to your hair. From 28 days, you will notice a visible transformation of your skin.

The Routine [Sublime Body Spa] is ideal for cleansing the body of its impurities, purifying it, regenerating it. Then hydrate it deeply and nourish it with targeted action on the prevention and treatment of visible signs of aging.

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