• 1. Create a customer account on our website

  • 2. Collect points in multiple ways

  • 3. Unlock rewards with your points

How to accumulate points?

By creating a customer account

100 points earned

By ordering products

1€ spent = 10 points earned

By indicating your birthday

100 points earned

By sponsoring a friend

20% discount for your friend and 1000 points for you

By following us on Instagram

50 points earned

By liking our Facebook page

50 points earned

By subscribing to the newsletter with the email address of your customer account

500 points earned

  • 1. Prepare your basket

    By slipping in your favorite products

  • 2. Open the Loyalty window

    By clicking on the button at the bottom left of the screen

  • 3. Check out the rewards

    Which you have access to depending on your points balance (“Rewards”)

  • 4. Make your choice

    By selecting the reward you prefer and find them in “My rewards”.

  • 5. Finalize your order

    The loyalty offer will apply at the time of payment

  • Sign up for our loyalty program by creating an account, collect points and enjoy your rewards.