Lutter contre les cernes : quelle stratégie ?

Fight against dark circles: what strategy?

Giving a tired, “bad look”, dark circles can have distinct causes. And when they are installed, reducing them can quickly become a headache...

But solutions exist, particularly of natural origin!


Dark circles can be classified  according to 3 main types, each of which has a color and causes.

Vascular rings

  • A color ? Vascular rings are called blue. More precisely, they form a bluish concentric circle around the eye.
  • How ? Vascular rings are the consequence of a dysfunction of blood and lymphatic circulation. Blood pigments accumulate under the thinnest layers of the skin.
  • Causes ? In addition to genetics, age is the main cause of this loss of efficiency of microcirculation in the lower eyelid.

Dark circles

  • A color ? Dark circles are brown to brown in color.
  • How ? The accumulation of melanin in the upper layers of the epidermis. Also, dark skin tones are more prone to dark circles, particularly in certain regions such as the Middle East or India.
  • Causes ? In addition to dark skin type, genetic predispositions can promote the production of melanin around the eyes.

Hollow dark circles

  • A color ? As their name suggests, these dark circles form a hollow, causing shadows to appear under the eyes.
  • How ? Reducing the layer of fat between the skin and the bone will make the bone visible through the skin.
  • Causes ? The two main causes are heredity on the one hand and skin aging on the other.

In conclusion, vascular dark circles are most often associated with signs of aging. To correct them, the ideal will be to opt for a treatment combining different categories of active ingredients acting on blood circulation, fine lines, hydration, elasticity, all providing plumping and nourishing effects.

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most fragile on the face: all the more reason to treat it to exceptional, certified organic care in complete safety.

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