Prévenir l’apparition des signes du temps : à partir de quel âge ?

Preventing the appearance of signs of aging: from what age?

The mechanisms of skin aging begin well before the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which will be followed by a loss of volume and a loss of density. If some of these mechanisms are inevitable, we can act on others... well before the first visible signs of aging!


All layers of the skin are affected.

From the outside to the inside:

  • The epidermis: cell renewal slows down and lipid production decreases: the skin is less protected from dehydration and becomes increasingly dry.
  • The dermis: from the age of 25, collagen production will decrease by 1% per year, accompanied by a reduction in elastin production. Blood supply is reduced: the skin is less well nourished and less oxygenated. Wrinkles appear, the complexion is dull.
  • The hypodermis: the fatty tissue is reduced, causing a loss of volume: the wrinkles are deeper, the cheeks become hollower.

Who are the responsibles ?

If the biological clock is of course the major player in aging, many factors favor the development of free radicals responsible for “oxidative stress”, a mechanism favored by external factors on which we can act:

  • UV rays, therefore exposure to the sun, are strongly involved in oxidative stress. We can never repeat it enough: it is imperative to limit direct exposure to the sun as much as possible.
  • Nutrition rich in anti-oxidants, mainly provided by fruits and vegetables
  • Cigarettes: if they represent a danger for our lungs (cancer) and our cardiovascular system (heart attack, stroke), they also cause an increase in the level of free radicals responsible for skin aging
  • Urban pollution can also promote the release of free radicals

What to do ? And when ?

  • Through a healthy lifestyle: limit exposure to the sun, do not smoke, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and get out of the cities to breathe clean air... Measures to be applied as soon as possible!
  • By opting for simple and effective routines from the age of 25: systematic complete make-up removal, eliminating impurities with a weekly scrub followed by a regenerating mask, moisturizing and nourishing your skin daily with a serum and cream adapted to its type of skin. Of course, without petrochemical or synthetic ingredients, using exclusively certified organic natural care…
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