L'Alpha Bisabolol : Apaisant et réparateur

Alpha Bisabolol: Soothing and restorative

What is Alpha Bisabolol?

Alpha Bisabolol is an active ingredient of natural origin, extracted from chamomile, used for centuries in cosmetics for its benefits on the skin. It is renowned for its soothing and restorative properties.

Benefits for the skin:

1. Soothing Properties:

Alpha Bisabolol has soothing properties that calm irritation and redness of the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory active ingredients, it relieves feelings of discomfort and irritation, leaving the skin soft and soothed. By regulating skin reactivity, Alpha Bisabolol prevents allergic reactions and itching, providing immediate relief to sensitive and reactive skin.

2. Restorative Properties:

In addition to its soothing action, Alpha Bisabolol is a powerful repairing agent for the skin. Thanks to its regenerating properties, it promotes the healing of skin lesions and irritations, thus accelerating the tissue repair process. By stimulating cell renewal, Alpha Bisabolol helps restore the skin barrier, thus protecting the skin from external aggressions and environmental damage.

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