Les Laboratoires du Cap-Ferret dans le Figaro !

Cap-Ferret Laboratories in Le Figaro!

Cap-Ferret Laboratories in the spotlight in Le Figaro!

A beautiful article which reminds us that nature is fragile, and that Cap-Ferret is the demonstration of this fragility. An article that reminds us that we all need to care. Laboratoires du Cap-Ferret "develop effective treatments that are safe for the planet"...: a very nice summary of our vision and our commitment. Offering you natural and organic cosmetics, while taking care of our little Blue planet!

The vegeto-marine Complexes that we develop, for each of our products, “bring a breath of fresh air to the skin... and to the beauty industry”.

Thank you to Le Figaro for this kind look at Laboratoires du Cap-Ferret, and at Cap-Ferret!

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